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Creative financing solutions for all real estate property types


Whether you are looking to acquire a new commercial real estate property or refinance an existing one, you can look to the Wilson Team as your advisor. We deliver value beyond the loans with our spirit to take smart risks, deep expertise, broad product portfolio, diverse specialists and commitment to quick execution and responsiveness. Our commercial business spans the spectrum of properties from multi-family residential, retail, office, industrial, seniors housing to self-storage and hotels.


Explore our portfolio of inventive financing solutions, categorized by property type:

Strip Plaza
Services 1.  6 Units or More

Our commercial specialists are adept at building complex funding proposals for our client's projects, utilizing our strong relationships in the commercial lending community to attain funding success for your project. The right lender, right funding package and right first step to kick off your project.

Our team of commercial Mortgage Consultants possess extensive experience in every type of commercial lending. As such, they're uniquely qualified to understand the niche each lender serves, the product mix to which they are receptive, and what security, interest rates, fees and debt service coverage are required to meet the criteria of those lenders. Thus, we ensure your financial needs are always paired with the most appropriate lender, providing you with the highest possible opportunity of success for your investment.

Apartment Construction
Services 2.  5 Units or Less


The Wilson Team are experienced providers of mortgage loans for the construction, purchase and refinancing of multi-unit residential properties of 5 units or less; including rental buildings, licensed care facilities and retirement homes. Financing for smaller neighbourhood Retail Plazas, Office and Medical/Dental buildings, may also be available.

Industrial Equipment
Services 3. Equipment Purchase/Lease


Select your New or Used equipment, select your Dealer, then contact us. 

Services 4: Your Consultant, Colleague and Campaigner

Our difference:
The Wilson Team strives to be more than a broker to our clients. We look beyond the initial transaction to how we can collaborate continuously to support your visions and build your business. 

To understand your vision and know your business, we delve deep by asking questions. Lots of them. We learn about your property and your portfolio. Your goals and objectives guide us. Whether your direction is to grow your portfolio, increase your returns, manage risk or a combination of all three, we are there to advise, guide and provide honest feedback and proven financing solutions.

All to often when the request for funding is complete and the broker 'hands off' the file to the lender they consider their work to be done. We do not subscribe to that notion.


Our process is as follows:


  • Our Approach: numbers and analysis contribute to financing decisions, but they aren’t the only determinants. Deep portfolio discovery, strategy development, defined structure, reliable processes and collaboration guide how we engage with clients and provide advice.

  • Our Focus: easy – we rely on our approach to ensure that we provide the right money, with the right people, for the right property, at the right time.

  • Our Specialization: our team is made up of seasoned real estate financing professionals with depth in the industry. Their understanding of market dynamics and trends is an aid in clarifying complex scenarios and support educated decisions.

  • Our Follow up: after funding we periodically touch base with our clients to get updates on the progress of the project and establish, if there are issues/questions, and in what manner we may help solve those issues or answer your questions.

Information Researchers

Services 5: Resources and Sample Documents

Your source for real estate and financing information

Constant education to operate a real estate business and secure financing is highly recommended. You will find that there is always something new to learn. Fortunately, there are many different organizations that focus on various aspects of real estate and financing, from mortgages and legals to apartment ownership and landlord/tenant issues.


The following is a compiled list of resources and links to those organizations, so you have one source for all pertinent real estate and financing information.



Mortgage resources

Legal and solicitor information

Apartment associations

Landlord and tenant information

Free PDF Downloads

Build It: Construction Financing

Real Estate Investment Financing Plan

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