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Investing in Ontario real estate? These cities are the best bets

A new report from independent research think-tank Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) ranked Ontario’s largest metropolitan areas in terms of real estate market performance and suitability for investment over the next 5 years.

In terms of growth, diversity, and fundamental strength, Ottawa came out on top of the wide-ranging survey, which looked at multiple factors including economic health, employment numbers, GDP and population growth, housing prices and overall affordability, rent and vacancy rates, and several others.

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REIN ranked the following cities in order of their housing market strength and potential performance over the next half-decade:

  1. Ottawa

  2. Kitchener -Waterloo-Cambridge

  3. Hamilton

  4. Barrie

  5. Brampton

  6. Durham Region

  7. Toronto

  8. Kingston

  9. Orillia

  10. Grimsby and St. Catharines

REIN also cited the following cities as honourable mentions, in no particular order:

  • Milton

  • Niagara Region

  • London

  • Thunder Bay

  • Vaughan

  • Chatham

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